La Qi is a fundamental method in Level 1 of Zhineng Qigong. It is classified as an external Qi exchange practice, referring to the energy and information exchange between external Qi and internal Qi. By following a simple “open and absorb” movement, hands gather Qi and nourish either the whole body or specific focus areas, such as a specific organ or body part.

The first one is the Expansion Illness: When the body’s “expansion” functions and abilities are not working correctly, undesired “trash”, such as environmental toxins or metabolic waste, cannot be freely transported outward and is stored inside. This can cause blockage or overgrowth diseases such as tumours, cysts, lumps, stones or bone spurs

With La Qi, we create balance and harmony within ourselves, with our life intentions, and with nature and other people. From the perspective of Qigong medicine, every kind of disease and/or discomfort originates from disorganized Qi in the body. In a nutshell, there are two types of illnesses or malfunctions that can occur in our bodies:

The second one is the Contraction Illness: If the body’s “contraction” functions and abilities are not working correctly, the body cannot absorb enough nutrition to nourish itself, leading to deficiencies. This can cause typical “opening” diseases such as fractures, bleeding or loss of strength.

La Qi teaches us how to unite with Qi, allowing the energy and transformation of information to affect our lives in a positive way. The method is very simple, yet it mobilizes the internal Hunyuan Qi effectively and rapidly. Practicing this method supports the removal of blockages, allowing Qi to flow freely again, providing relief and fresh, vital energy. It opens up the meridian channels inside the body and supports your ability to recover and rejuvenate. Next to physical wellbeing, it promotes the balance of your relationship with yourself, other living beings, nature and the universe. You will notice that you naturally open your heart, clear your mind and calm down negative emotions. An experience of oneness might occur through allowing a harmonious state between external and internal Hunyuan Qi. A new holistic state of health and wellbeing from deep inside can be enjoyed through the regular practice of La Qi.


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