Zhineng Qigong



Outstanding remedial success within short therapy program

There has been incredible healing at Hua Xia Zhineng Qigong Centre, provided by an amazing and professionally trained team of specialists, natural healers and doctors who have proven non-invasive healing successes like nowhere else on this globe. Around 95% of all admissions leave after only 24 days of medicine-free Zhineng Qigong treatment, reporting improved health, and in many cases a complete cure.

A steady flowing give and receive Qi concept

Every patient is treated holistically, with a full case history taken before the program starts. During the treatment period, a consistent space for applied healing as well as active learning is provided. Patients do not just receive Qigong therapy, but also training to truly understand its fundamentals and learn to self-heal their body, mind and soul. The Hua Xia hospital incorporates a circle allowing a constant flow of positive energy, resulting in an exceptional beneficial healing atmosphere. Patients are equipped and encouraged to take their new practice home, and to continue with it after their positive, guided healing experience.

Full cure for trauma and cancer patients – living a symptom-free life after Hua Xia Zhineng Qigong

Hua Xia Zhineng Qigong is demonstrating tremendous healing success in cases of severe body trauma, for example after vehicle accidents. These patients are treated on an ongoing basis over weeks and months, up to eight hours daily to regain their original level of function and activate Qi in all blocked and traumatised body systems. Their healing stories are beyond the results seen in common treatments.

Other examples include an approximate 40% success rate (i.e. they leave healed) for all patients admitted with painful gallbladder and kidney stones, while 35% of all heart disease cases are corrected without medicine during the treatment period. There is also an almost unbelievable success in treating cancer patients. Sixteen percent of all diagnosed cases have been healed during what is an extremely short program compared to other treatment protocols. Immediate clinical tests after the individual patients’ stays have proven absolute healing success. Many more reported healing in the weeks and months following the program.

When healing yourself with Zhineng Qigong Therapy, its elements can be accessed everywhere and at all times. Specific training allows you to gain a high degree of awareness of your body, where you can start listening to and acknowledging small signals. You can learn to apply a proven self-healing practice in the most effective, wholesome way. The practice of Qigong makes reaching optimum physical and mental health, including maintaining a positive mindset, accessible.


The Zhineng Qigong Student’s Hub helps students worldwide in learning the ground-breaking work of Dr. Pang Ming.