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Can Qigong Heal Addiction?

Can Qigong Heal Addiction - Qigong Starter Kit

Content edited and extracted from the article ‘Application of Qigong in Addiction Therapy’ by Qi Wang and published by ‘Zhineng Qigong Science Worldwide Magazine’. Introduction Following the popularity of Qigong in China during the 1980s and 1990s, scientific researchers became increasing interested in its potential for medical benefits. Many studies have since been performed to […]

Why do some people heal with Zhineng Qigong practice and others don’t?

Master Zhen Qingchuan

Follow your heart. Have a change of heart. You broke my heart… Both in English and in Chinese we refer to the heart when we are expressing our emotions. For thousands of years, the mental “heart” and physical heart have been linked in Chinese medicine and Western culture. However, the healing potential of the heart, […]

Lessons from the Medicine-Less Hospital

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Words of Wisdom Lessons from the Medicine-Less Hospital Introduction to Master Yuantong Liu Master Liu has been sharing Zhineng Qigong theories, principles and methods for over 37 years. Trained directly by Dr Pang Ming during the rigorous teachers’ programme in the Hua Xia Zhineng Qigong Centre. Recognized globally as the first “Medicine-less hospital” in the […]